Trade X1 is a CFD and forex platform that has received several awards for its quality services. The reason why most online traders prefer Trade X1 s because of its transparency in that the traders can have peace of mind without having to worry about their experience or wealth, this way, they are able to invest and expand their portfolio in a steady manner. For one to open a TradeX1 account, he or she needs to have a driving license, a passport or a national I.D.

Meta Trader 4 Web Terminal

MT4 is a world-class trading platform which is able to help the online traders access indices, commodities, Forex currency pair and stock with easy. With this platform, no installation or downloading needed since MT4 is fully based on the cloud. This feature helps makes the platform accessible from any part of the world so long as the place has an internet connection. One advantage of cloud-based technology is that systems that are not compatible with windows app can still access the Meta Trader 4 Web terminal.

TradeX1 Mobile

This is a mobile device used in Forex trading, this MetaTrader 4 device can be used on the smartphone no matter the location of the online trader. With this device, the online trader is able to monitor his trading, trade online and make the entire trading exercise more efficiency. The features found in this device includes real time charts, pricing, and stop-loss which plays a major role in ensuring no loss of investment. has several order types which include the Overall Pricing Structures and the negotiable commission. The overall pricing structure allows the online traders to keep the transaction charges low by spreading the plus commission fees. The volume trader account is specifically designed for online traders who trade a large amount of currency.For more information on this Forex Broker please visit





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